Larger size bowls and aquarium tanks are far better for your pet fish than say those smaller orange-sized fish bowls! They don’t really qualify at all. More clear and clean water equals far better quality aquarium water.

The best environment for an adult male fish is a clear glass container which holds at least one gallon of water, and that has a sufficient surface area. One and a half to 2 gallons in total size is absolutely perfect. But be sure that it comes with a lid you can secure. Don’t forget fish are great jumpers. These fish that are constantly jumping will get through even the most minuscule of openings.

Fish love clean water

Try and replace your fish water with aged tap water that you’ve let stand for at least 24-hours so that any chlorine has time to dissipate. Please **DO NOT** use distilled water as it can be harmful to your pet fish because it won’t contain any necessary minerals and salts.

Probably the best water to use is cold tap water only. If you live in an area where you use tank water then you should make sure it is filtered before you pour it in the tank or vase. Again, just let it sit for about 24-hours until it raises to room temperature.

Add a little aquarium salt to the tank

When it reaches room temperature add a little aquarium salt to the tank or bowl usually about a level teaspoon is good. If you add one level teaspoon to roughly two gallons of water, and it will greatly reduce the chance of your pet catching any type of disease. Even though your bowl or tank water reaches room temperature it’s best to make sure it’s between 75 to 80 degrees F.

Any less and you’re pet will become listless and sluggish. This is a good indicator that you may need to buy an aquarium heater. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding favorite foods