Round small tail, small flowing fins, goldfish in color, banded body, oftentimes displays greenish spots.


Also with a round tail and small flowing fins, green colored border around anal and dorsal fins, its body is a mixture of gold, pink and a white color. It also has green pectoral fins.


Also with a round tail and shorter flowing fins. The female is usually orange in color with darker spots that the male. The male is brighter and more orange than the female with lighter spots. The males light spots are usually a green blue in color.


Rounder tail and with much larger flowing fins. Its body is usually a bright greenish color with black lines something similar to a spider’s web. Its pectoral fins are usually a medium redd in color.


Rounded sometimes with a shorter tail along with much shorter fins. The female can be seen to have a pinkish and even orange colored body that usually displays dark blotches and spots. The male is almost always an orange color along with bright green body spots and sometimes displays an odd shape line or stripe.

Mouth brooding

Again another fish with a rounder tail and smallish type fins. Every now and then you will see one with a somewhat pointed tail. Mouth brooders can vary a lot in color formation.


Painted’s also display a rounder tail along with smaller flowing fins that have a green border. They can be gold looking in color and usually displays three stripes that run horizontally down the full length of its body.


A round tail with long pectoral flowing fins and a dark almost black looking body with bluish marks. The tip of tail fin is usually red blue and can sometimes display a green colored stripes its tail.


The Peraly usually displays a heart shaped tail with much shorter flowing fins. The female is mainly bronze colored and sometimes can have small dark spots on its body. The male on the other hand is a much lighter bronze color displaying bright green marks on its fins, and darker stripes from its eyes running down to its fins.


They are usually quite small in size, and oftentimes have a much smaller rounder tail and very short flowing fins.

Siamese Fighting Fish

It’s the most common of all fish with a caudal shape fin with a lot of different styles and shapes. Some can be round. Others may display a heart, and others a split, etc. It’s usually a long fish in length and its anal fin can be much shorter or in some cases it can be quite long. The range of colors is almost limitless.


It almost always has a heart shaped flowing tail and much shorter fins. It can be a pinkish style of color. The female usually has much darker spots on its tail and also on her fins. The male on the other hand displays bright greenish colored highlights that run along its body and down its fins.


Usually very pinkish in color. Sometimes if can even be an orange looking color. You will almost always notice three stripes on its body. It also is another fish that displays a bright green fin. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding acclimating