Tomi Betta Fish
Tomi Betta Fish

Tomi was first discovered in the regions of Singapore. But sadly, it can no longer be found anywhere in its original region. Generally, these fishes are found today in the clear waters and small surrounding islands of Malaysia, and extend as far as east Johor. They can be anywhere up to about 7 centimeters in length and will thrive successfully in the shallow slow flowing waters like creeks and streams.

Tomi is a Mouth Brooder

Usually the waters of their natural habitat are made up of softer mud like substrate that’s almost completely covered with fallen leaves and other types of plants and debris. However, they don’t usually bear the dazzling iridescent gills like other fish of the same species.

The male Tomi has striking iridescent gold scales on their rear side flanks. Their body is brownish in color and oftentimes displays one stripe that runs down the length of its complete body.

Has Unusual Markings

Another interesting feature is the lower style lip on its black. Also, on its throat it usually has two small oval spots. The male Tomi also displays a darkish green patch or patches on its anal flowing fin. University professor Tom Lam Toong Jin who resides in Singapore is the person whom this specie of Betta fish was originally named after. Tomi is also know by the name of: Tomi Mouth brooder. Discover other varieties of fish here tussyae