You should always keep males away from other fish. This is especially so when it comes to other males. Betta’s are highly territorial and they’ll even fight to their death. If you intend to introduce a fish into an existing tank of established community fish, try and avoid inhabiting them with fish like "fin nippers" or other tropical fish that may agitate or even feed on the slower moving fish.

It’s a good idea every now and then to place a reflective mirror in front of your male fish for a little entertaining exercise. But don’t leave the mirror in front of him for too long otherwise he will get exhausted and stress out!

Jumping out of a jar or fish bowl

It’s also a good idea to keep your aquarium tank covered with a lid at all times. Fish have a habit of jumping out of a jar or a round bowl. Even a piece of thin plastic sheet works great as a clear secure lid.

Side point: If you have reason to search the Internet for fish tips and advice on how to take care of your new pet fish remember that you should type "fish care" and not "beta fish" Why? Because its a very common misspelling of the word B-e-t-t-a. By making sure that you add the extra "T" you’ll ensure that you get the right search results that you’re looking for. By looking after your fish will mean that you’ll get real enjoyment from your pet for up to–two to three years.

Happy & Healthy Pet fish

Let’s hope that you wind-up with a happy and healthy pet who’ll provide you with much joy and pleasure! Oh, one last thing. Always make sure you disinfect your plastic scoop or net and store these items in a dry and safe place. Enjoy! Helpful information about Tank setup