There’s 3 ways you can fill the tank with water. Let’s find out how. (1) Tap water is generally considered the safest for your fish. However you should let stand in a separate container (before use!) for at least 24-hours so that any chlorine dissipates and the water settles at normal room temperature. If you live in a city which has especially "hard water", then it’s a good idea to use water treatment chemicals to eliminate any chlorine and other harmful contaminants. (2) If you’re considering using bottled water make sure its a well-known and trusted brand. Don’t add two different brands in your tank. Be sure that you stick to one particular brand of bottled water.

Avoid Using Distilled Water

If you do decide to swap brands, make sure you do it gradually, just adding a little bit of bottled water (to the older tank water) over a period of a few days. But using water conditioners is a much better idea. You should avoid using distilled water at all times. Side point: It’s really important that the PH level of your tank water is right. Always measure and adjust the water ph level as needed. Betta buffers will do this for you. They like water that is as close to neutral "7.0" water as possible. Try and maintain the ph level between 6.5 and as high as 7.5 The water temperature is also critical because they are is considered tropical fish. Aquarium tank water that’s somewhere between 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit is probably ideal. However, fish can adapt to lower or higher temperatures as long as you make sure that the change is gradually or it’ll stress out your pet fish. A good way to know if the water is too hot or much too cold is by keeping an eye on their behavior pattern. A listless and slow swimming fish is more than likely too cold and a hyperactive fish (if it’s not feeding time that is) will indicate that the water that is way too warm.

Tank Gravel & Aquarium Plants

By using plants in your tank or bowl will help maintain an aquarium of stress-free fish. You will find that the fish will rest beside leaves. Using the correct type of gravel is also important. It may look attractive but use the wrong type and it will create a lot of extra work for you when it comes to cleaning. Always purchase gravel especially for aquariums because common rocks off the street (or from your backyard) can pollute the water which could be harmful to your pet fish. If you like you can use plastic aquarium gem like rocks which is fine as long as they are clean and free of any contaminants. Side point: Before you go ahead and add gravel to your tank aquarium make sure that you thoroughly rinse the gravel in a separate clean container. Also,it’s a good idea to change the water over until it appears crystal clear. Remember that you don’t have to buy aged plants but.. you could purchase plant bulbs from the local pet shop. Try and prop-up the artificial plants by using the gravel as a Stabilizing agent. See more about Siamese fighting fish