So, you’ve got yourself a sick fish what now? Or perhaps you’re looking for advice on how to diagnose a sick fish. Or even a type of beta fish sickness maybe? Firstly, we’re sorry to hear that you’re Siamese Fighting Fish is sick.

But by just knowing a few simple rules you’ll be able to avoid having a sick or sickly looking Siamese Fighting Fish. Just recall the old adage: "An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure". Would you like to know the most common reasons for winding-up with a sick Siamese Fighting Fish? It’s almost always connected with poor water quality or bad water problems. For example: Take fin rot. Fish infected with fin rot really don’t look beautiful at all. No, not at all! And the insidious culprit of fin rot comes directly from bacteria that’s built-up due to… poor water quality. It’s true! However, fin rot can easily be eradicated by simply making sure that you change the water on a regular basis. Simple ah?

Avoid fluctuating water temperature

If you regularly change the water (with fresh water) you’ll usually avoid having a sick pet on your hands. This is also true when it comes to fin rot. Another disease associated with water is "Ich" mainly due to ongoing fluctuation of the water temperature. Maintain an even water temperature and instantly you’ve avoided your fish suffering from "Ich" Also, a fluctuating temperature can place your pet under too much stress. This can be harmful to your fish in the long term. fish which are distressed are usually a lot more prone to acquiring dreaded parasites similar to Ich. This is especially so if your tank or bowl water is… on the cooler side. Do you have a Siamese Fighting Fish with a bladder disorder? In most cases, this can be… directly linked to overfeeding! And what about constipation? Again this can be attributed to over doing the foods like fish pellets or fluffy flakes.

List Of Common Fish Diseases

Columnaris. A disease which effects the fish. It’s also referred to as "Fungus Mouth" and "Cotton Mouth."

Dropsy. This is a very common and oftentimes fatal disease that causes your pet fish to swell much larger that it’s normal size.

Ich. Or sometimes called "Ick&quot a terrible disease caused mainly from parasites. It is infectious to other fish but is quick and easy to treat successfully.

Popeye. The dreaded bacterial disease which causes the eyes to bulge and look like they’re going to pop. If you don’t treat the eye it can literally explode and your pet fish will die very quickly.

Swim Bladder Disorder. An insidious illness caused mainly from overfeeding. It also will cause your pet fish to swim strangely and with difficulty.

Tail Rot. Commonly known as fin rot it literally causes tails/fins begin to rot away. So, in conclusion, watch out for these things . . . and the so-called "tell tale signs" and you’ll be able to enjoy a happy and healthy Siamese Fighting Fish. You can find other information here supplies