Siamese Fighting Fish

Looking after Siamese fighting fish is pretty simple and clear-cut. However, here’s some important things to keep in mind. Follow these simple steps and you will have a happy and healthy Siamese fighting fish. Sufficient Room To Move About. Contrary to most belief, these gorgeous full-finned lovelies require a minimum of one gallon of water and a bowl to suit. Even two gallons of water would be much better. Ten gallons of water better still. But always avoid using distilled water as it’s a big NO! NO! Try and maintain an even water temperature somewhere between 78 to 84 degrees Farenheight.

Water temperature does count

If you don’t place your fish in a room that’s warm you will require a tank heater to maintain the temperature within the desired range. Temperature that fluctuates isn’t wise for any tropical fish. That means Siamese fighting fish as well. Why water quality is crucial too. Fish excrement along with leftover food will quickly stink, and foul-up the water thus poisoning your fish. If you’ve housed your pet fish in three gallons of water or less make sure that you change the entire amount of water at least once every week. Also always make sure that you replace it with aged tap water of the same-temperature that has been standing for at least 24-hours. Larger tank aquariums can use the cycling method. That means that approximately 20 to 30 percent of the water must be changed once a week. Many do more but many also do less. But they all replenish the water supply each week. You should ONLY use boiling hot water to rinse out your bowl or tank.

Change The Water Often

Also, make sure you have a secure lid because you don’t you may lose a fish or two since these Siamese fighting fish are real jumpers. However, do not fill their aquarium tank or smaller bowl right up to the lid. They need to breath the surface air as well. Make sure that you leave enough room to accomplish that. Keep these points in mind and you will have happy and healthy Siamese fighting fish. Helpful information about companions