Pulchra Betta Fish
Pulchra Betta Fish

The word Pulchra is from the Latin meaning of "handsome," which characterizes the dazzling look of the Pulchra.

It comes from the Family of Osphronemidae, and is also closely associated with the sub-family of Macropodinae.

The Pulchra is in the sort after class of the ray finned fishes.

They are generally known as the Actinopterygii.

The Betta Pulchra grows to approximately 5 to 6 centimeters in length, and they thrive in freshwater environments.

Usually they can be found in the black waters of forest lakes and along creek shores.

Sometimes they are found in thick vegetation growing in slow flowing streams and canals.

Areas to look for are: Pontian, regions of Johor and even west Malaysia.

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