What other types of tropical fish are really compatible with Siamese fighting fish? Actually, there’s two sides to looking at this (1) Looking at it from the fish’s point of view. And (2) looking at it from the other fish’s point of view.

Let’s start with the fish. Because if you do not wish for your pet to wind-up with shredded fins you must consider carefully the nature of the other fish you would like to add to the tank. Right? Plus… it also works in the other way as well. If male guppies are compatible with Siamese fighting fish it doesn’t a genius to figure the outcome of putting these two different types of fish together in the same location and environment.

Compatible Fish Types With Bettas

Guppies also have flowing tales and could be easily mistaken for another male fish. This could be disastrous for the guppy fish. So, you’ve really got to think twice before you pick a tank companion! You may be somewhat surprised to learn just how gentle some species can be when placed with other fish. Choosing the right type will make them a good tank companion with your fish. However, there’s always the chance of a bit of aggression every now and then toward the breeds.

Siamese fighting fish (e.g. Betta fish) could also include the much slower neon or "cardinals tetras". Such as platies, mollies and swords. But be careful as these varieties love to dine on their very young. You may wish to consider a small number of the smaller "zebra danios" as excellent companions. These are some of the fish that’s truly compatible with Siamese fighting fish.

Not Compatible Fish With Bettas

Betta’s are typically a shy fish and can sometimes be an inviting target, and for getting picked on by other variety of fish. Something you should also consider when making your choice. So, with this in mind, forget about . . . fin nippers like tigers, rosy barbs or some angle fish should always be avoided completely. Another aggressive fish to exclude is the "dwarf gouramis". These fish will constantly chase fish almost relentlessly, so you need to strike them off your list.

Important: You should always keep in mind the size of your aquarium when thinking about choosing a tank companion because matters as well. So, it is when it comes to the types of plants you choose along with other items such as . . . aquarium rocks, type of gravel, and ornaments you have used for decoration. All of these things are hiding places. Aggressive fish varieties will always attack fish from their hiding places. Helpful information about care