You will find listed below specific type of treatments along with expert tips and advice when looking to cure various fish diseases. The most common of diseases seem to fall prey to is Fin rot and it’s usually caused by an ongoing build-up of bacteria. Keeping a close eye on the condition of their water will help tremendously in resolving the dreaded fin rot. If you keep the quality of water high it will stop fin rot so that your fish keeps its long flowing tails and healthy fins.

Antibiotic medicine Melafix

If you’ve followed the above mentioned advice and you’re still having problems with fin rot then try using the medicine called: Melafix, "Maracyn" which comes as a broad-spectrum, nontoxic antibiotic capsule or tablet, as well as "Neosulfex" which is a broad-spectrum highly-effective antibacterial. Or you may wish to try an antibiotic called "Ampicillex" but this should **ONLY** be used as a last resort.

Change The Water Every 48-hours

Side point: When treating your fish with one of these medications it’s a *MUST* that you completely . . . change the water every 48-hours! You can also add more medication directly to the tank water but carefully read the instructions on the bottle for the correct amount to be added. This procedure should be carried out for approximately one week and then you should reevaluate the situation. If your pet fish has "velvet" you should treat it with Maracide. To treat "Ich" use a small quantity of "salt baths" to remove the “Ich” parasites from off your fish. Another safe method is using "Coppersafe™" manufactured by Mardel or another "Aquarisol" Both of these brands contain copper salt which is extremely effective when treating fish.

Use a small amount of Aquarisol

Side point: As precautionary measure you may wish to use a small amount of "Aquarisol" by conditioning the tank or bowl water to eradicate these parasites before symptoms actually appear. Try using "Bettamax" as a general pick-me-up healing tonic. When used as directed is oftentimes can return your fish to it’s original happy and healthy condition. This is especially good product to use when you have a difficulty in diagnosing what is precisely wrong with your pet. It’s a good sign that your pet is back to its former self when (1) Its sharp and alert, and is swimming around in the tank normally, and (2) the fins are completely open (and, flowing) as opposed to closed shut. Regular inspection of the tank and maintaining clean water at the right temperature will help immensely to fight off fish diseases. Note: If your fish does become sick and lethargic then it’s a good sign that something is really amiss and you should take action immediately. In conclusion: Follow the above steps and the proper use of medication and your guaranteed to own a happy and healthy pet fish. You can find other helpful advice and information regarding names