The average lifespan of a Betta fish is about . . . two to three years.But in some cases they’ll live up to almost five years. However, that is about the longest time a fish will live to. What you need to keep in mind is that a fish in a pet shop is already at an adult age probably about six months to 1-year of age.

Positive Breeding Background

Keep in mind also that a positive breeding background along with a fish in good health is best when you purchase it and will more than likely mean longer life for the fish. After you’ve bought your pet fish keep it in good health and in a good environment including watching its diet, and essential medications.

A good fish environment starts with a good sized living space. Remember that the smaller type bowls really don’t count as a good environment. Plus, you MUST consider regular fresh water changes to guarantee your pet fish has a good chance at a longer life expectancy.

Use only quality food

These rare and exquisite beauties will thrive on a proper mixture of high quality pellets or other fish food designed specifically for your fish. One good example is "Hikari Gold". If your pet fish doesn’t have any filtration system then Hikari Bio Gold is probably the best.

It’s a good idea to feed your fish with a variety of frozen or freeze dried treats a couple two three times a week. This will insure your fish a happy, healthy and long life expectancy. Also, it’ll greatly enhance the brilliant coloration of your fish as well. If you apply this information and use the absolute bare minimum of aquarium salts then you will not require information on medications.

Keeping An Eye On Water Quality

This is because most diseases that effect these small fish are genuinely related to poorer water quality. Plus, treating with medication can induce much stress and anxiety on your pet. Remember this simple rule of thumb: "Owners Who Medicate The Least Medicate The Best" You can find other helpful advice and information regarding medicines.