Question: What is the scientific name for a betta fish?
Answer: Betta splendens

Question: Where do betta splendens originate from?
Answer: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and parts of Southeast Asia.

Question: How large can they grow?
Answer: Approximately two to three inches in length.

Question: How long can a fish live?
Answer: Approximately two to three years of age.

Question: What foods do they like?
Answer: They mainly like live foods. But they will live on flakes and even frozen foods.

Question: How do fish breed?
Answer: They lay eggs in what’s called a bubble nest.

Question: What is the best water pH for a fish?
Answer: 6.8 to as high as 7.4

Question: What’s the most suitable water temperature?
Answer: About seventy-two to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit

Question: How do tell a male from a female?
Answer: Males show more color and has longer, flowing fins.

Question: How many fish per tank or bowl?
Answer: As a rule just one male per tank or bowl. But there’s really no actual limit on the number of females you can put in a tank as long as there is sufficient room. Usually about 4-6 females.

Question: Do fish require special apparatus?
Answer: As a rule a betta doesn’t need an air filter. However, a heater is sometimes a good idea as they enjoy lukewarm water. And if there’s sufficient room in the tank or bowl, you can add small rocks, caves, and assorted plants for your pet to hide in if he gets frightened.

Question: What about special concerns?
Answer: Clean water is an absolute must! Any excess food and poop left on the bottom should be removed from the tank or bowl. You can use a turkey baster to do this if you like. Remember, if you leave the debris it’ll quickly decay and pollute the quality of the water. Oftentimes this is a cause why the fish gets sick and winds-up with fin rot which fish are really susceptible to.

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