Do you wonder about just how many colors of betta splendens there are? It’s quite unbelievable. Why? Because there’s practically no limit at all to the variety and range of colors of betta splendens. It’s almost without limit because the color variations can truly… dazzle you beyond belief.

Diverse range of colors

Betta fish colors include absolutely everything from a fire red, to a soft yellow, brilliant crimson, cherry pink to a steely blue, pale blues or and softer turquoise blue, to a black black with a shade of green, to an iridescent violet color to a rare off-white almost translucent color.

Bettas oftentimes sport a pattern known as marbling which is a motley combination mix of several colors that must be seen to be believed! Mere words really can’t satisfactorily describe the colors of betta splendens when they come in this category. There’s even more pronounced patterns such as "butterfly bettas" and "golden yellow bettas". You can find other helpful advice and information regarding betta fish diseases.