Siamese Fighting Fish or is more commonly known as Betta fish. They are a very popular freshwater tropical fish because of their vibrant, beautiful bright colors, and that they’re relatively easy to care for. Remember that wild fish in a natural habitat usually live in small, even dirty puddles and pools so they’re a pretty hardy fish to start with. Looking after your fish requires some effort and time on your part. There are special considerations you should keep in mind. These considerations are uniquely special to Siamese Fighting Fish. This is especially so when it comes to the male fish. Males need a bit more care so that they maintain a happy and healthy pet fish.

Bringing Your Fish Home

Items you will need: It’s probably best for you to have a bowl or tank already setup before you bring your pet home from the pet store. To start with your fish will be alright in a small tank or bowl, but keep in mind that the larger the bowl is, the more contented and happy your pet will be. There’s a few different types of recommended setups for fish: (1) a separate smaller bowl or tank is mainly ideal for say just one fish. Make sure you use at least 1/2 gallon or so. (2) a tall or round clear glass bowl or a even modern clear plastic fish bowl also works well. But again it must contain at the very least about one and a half gallons of water. (3) an aquarium tank with a strong clear dividing sheet so that it holds a few of the males and/or females. And (4) a separate community bowl or tank for hold a single male or perhaps several females.

Type of setup you prefer

* Some fish food.
* An aquarium tank or clear glass/plastic bowl.
* Some aquarium type gravel.
* A few live natural plants or plastic plants.

* A plastic funnel, siphon, and a small net or scoop.
* A pH test kit for checking the water.
* A freshwater test kit. For example: Ammonia test kit.
* An aquarium tank thermometer.
* A packet of aquarium freshwater rock salt.
* A separate bucket especially for water preparation.

Correct Water Temperature

IMPORTANT: When your aquarium tank holds five gallons of water (or more) you’ll require an aquarium tank heater to maintain a correct temperature. You will also need a few bottles of "water conditioners", and various medications to take care of you pet in the unlikely event that he or she gets sick. You can find other helpful advice about changing the water.